Failure to Launch

So I’ve failed at a multitude of things that I’ve tried to accomplish. be it getting accepted to a good college at the end of high school, figuring out that I’m not cut out to be a lawyer towards the 4th year of my university, to being in depression for a year nearly dropping out & now not getting a internship with a company that I had a lot of vested interest in.  Failure to launch is something that’s always bothered me and so I decided to create a website based on that, which to me is pure GOLD.

the road to el dorado gold GIF

Why? you might ask? Well failure is always apart of the bigger journey that you’re on. Before you can succeed, you gotta fail, otherwise you end up with everything handed to you and unless you’re Kylie Jenner, then you’re going to end up failing one way or another. Case in point:

So you see my point? This is a introduction of me andm y failures, the failures of people around the world and how it creates innovation & success in the world. So welcome to pro-bono failure, where failure happens.